Does My Artificial Turf Need Preparation for Winter?

Synthetic turf creates a visually appealing lawn all year with minimal maintenance or seasonal preparation. Its blades won’t fade or turn brown like natural grass does during winter months. Goat Turf’s installation team will provide you with tips to keep your yard looking good, no matter the season. Here are some tips for preparing your outdoor artificial turf for the winter:

Remove Debris

A simple way to prepare your lawn for winter is to remove any fallen leaves or other debris from the surface. This keeps the artificial turf safe, accessible, and free from clutter. You can use a standard rake or brush to remove sticks, leaves, or grass clippings that have blown into your yard over the fall. Gather these materials and recycle or dispose of them properly to stop them from blowing back onto your lawn. If you live in an area that gets snow, removing debris before a storm keeps the natural materials from breaking down or rotting on your turf under the snow. This helps maintain your turf’s quality and appearance and prevents unwanted buildup.

Wash the Surface

After removing leaves and other debris from your turf, you can spray it down with a hose. This helps remove any dirt, mud, or other residue that has accumulated on the surface. Washing the surface also removes potentially harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that may be harmful to children and pets who play on the grass. Goat Turf’s synthetic grass supply is resistant to pests like fleas and ticks that spread diseases, creating a safer environment for pets and children. We also carry turf types that are designed specifically for kids and animals to play on. Our playground turf absorbs impacts from falls, and our pet turf absorbs odors and repels moisture from pet waste. These products increase the functionality of outdoor spaces year-round and can be cleaned easily.

Brush the Turf

Brushing the cleaned turf helps the fibers return to an upright position after periods of high foot traffic or being covered in leaves or other debris. This enables the fibers to maintain their natural appearance throughout the winter. It also keeps the infill from becoming compacted, helping it last longer. If you notice any areas where the turf is worn or the infill is missing or low, contact Goat Turf. Our team will assess your yard and select the most appropriate replacement turf or infill type. Adding a fresh layer of infill protects the turf backing from foot traffic and weather conditions that could damage or weaken it. At Goat Turf, we carry multiple types of infill, including environmentally friendly and pet deodorizing products, to match your space’s intended use.

Check the Structure

Check the edges of your turf to confirm none of the tacks have come loose. If there are any loose areas or missing tacks, contact Goat Turf. Our installation professionals will visit and inspect your property to confirm the turf is secured and safe to use. They will also check for any holes or worn patches and replace them. This creates a secure, stable surface that is prepared for extreme weather. Goat Turf’s installation team adds perimeters to each project to create a seamless transition and prevent the turf from lifting at the edges.

Caring for Turf During the Winter

If you live in an area where it snows in the winter, you can still use and enjoy your lawn. Children and pets can play on snow-covered turf without the worry of compacting or damaging it. If you want to remove the snow from your turf, shovel gently to avoid damaging the turf or lifting it from the ground. You can also let the snow melt naturally to avoid potential damage from shoveling.

Our team carries and installs turf with high-quality drainage systems to prevent pooling from melting snow. When we install this turf, we excavate the area and place a layer of sub-base on the ground before adding the turf. This enables water to drain through the turf and rocks before it reaches the earth, allowing the turf to dry more quickly. Artificial turf is also resistant to the damaging effects of frost and freezing temperatures, allowing you to have a strong, green lawn all year. Reach out to your turf installer for more information about caring for synthetic grass during extreme winter weather.

Work With Our Artificial Turf Experts

Goat Turf has experience designing and installing turf projects for residential and commercial applications. Our custom turf designs add visual appeal to your home or business and increase the spaces’ functionality. Outdoor playgrounds, pet areas, sports fields, and golf greens can be used all year with minimal maintenance requirements. Visit our warehouse today to explore our range of SYNLawn synthetic grass products created specifically for your desired application. We serve homeowners, business owners, and various landscaping contractors in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida. Contact us today to get a free quote for your next project.