Do I Need an Artificial Turf Installer?

While artificial grass installation may seem like easy DIY work, it has many aspects that must be done right for a successful project. A professional turf installer is best suited for the job; they have quality knowledge and experience to complete the job right the first time, helping you avoid costly mistakes. At Goat Turf, we design and install artificial turf for home and business owners to help them make the right decisions at every step. Here are reasons to hire a professional turf installer instead of going DIY:

Proven Turf Installation Methods

Artificial turf installation has various complexities, and if you’re not careful during the project, you can make mistakes. Some common mistakes DIY installers make are inaccurate measurements, poor drainage, uneven surfaces, and not planning for weeds. An artificial turf installer like Goat Turf uses proven installation methods for high-quality work. We start with a consultation to understand our client’s visions and solve their challenges. Other steps are ground excavation and leveling, plastic lumber installation, geotextile addition, aggregate installation, seam taping, trimming, infilling, and securing the turf. We pay attention to detail to produce a beautiful and long-lasting project.

Assistance With Turf Design

You may have heard about the benefits of artificial turf, but you may not know how to implement it around your property. An experienced installer can cut and design your turf to suit various spaces. If you have a swimming pool on your property, the installer can determine how to use turf to create a beautiful surround that makes the area inviting. A commercial property with pavers can benefit from installing artificial grass between them to prevent weeds from growing and bring a lush green color to the walkways. The installer can also help you design turf for balconies, patios, indoor sports areas, flower and garden beds, and walls.

Guidance on Material Selection

Many turf options are available, but some are more suitable for specific projects than others. An experienced turf installer is attentive to your needs and preferences to guide you to the right products. If you need artificial turf for a pet area, Goat Turf has a product with optimal drainage, an odor-absorbing infill to absorb smells from ammonia waste, and a pet deodorizing infill to keep the grass and your animal cool. Sports areas that experience lots of activity will need thicker artificial turf that withstands traffic better. Depending on your desired application, our installers will also help you evaluate factors like pile height, turf weight and density, backing, and color. We want you to have an installation that looks as natural as possible, fulfills the intended purpose, and lasts a long time.

Time and Energy Savings

Choosing DIY artificial turf installation means taking time off your schedule to focus on this work. If it’s a large area, you may need days or even weeks to complete the project. The lack of adequate manpower means using more energy. Get a professional installer and save yourself this installation time and energy. We’re experienced and know what to do at each stage of the installation, minimizing the time wasted during trials and errors. We also come as a team to complete the work sooner. If you’re a business, that helps prevent major disruption, allowing you to resume your daily activities as soon as possible. As a homeowner, you can spend your time on other duties or simply relax.

Quality Equipment for Turf Installation

Artificial turf installation requires various tools like turf cutters, hand saws, spirit levels, plate compactors, carpet knee kickers, utility knives, turf pullers, etc. As a regular home or business owner, these are not tools you may readily have on your property. Since it may also be a one-time project, purchasing these tools can add to your budget unnecessarily. As professional turf installers, we at Goat Turf have high-quality equipment for ground excavation, ground leveling, cutting the turf, and removing any bumps. 

Warranties For the Project

When you handle the project yourself, and something goes wrong, you’ll be liable for the repair or replacement costs, time, and effort. Professionals provide warranties to protect their clients in case something happens. A warranty means that if a covered damage occurs, the installer will handle it without any further costs to you. You won’t have to deal with the problem yourself. At Goat Turf, we offer warranties to assure our customers that if a covered problem occurs, we’ll handle it without placing further burden on them.

Post-Installation Advice

While artificial grass has low maintenance requirements, it still needs some care to keep it looking beautiful. After the installation, you can expect advice on maintaining the area. Your installer may suggest brushing the fibers regularly to keep them straight, removing leaves and twigs as quickly as possible, and cleaning to remove dust and pet waste. They may also recommend a applying weed killer several times a year to prevent weeds from ruining the area.

Get an Experienced Artificial Turf Installer

While many people attempt DIY turf installation to save money, inexperience can lead to mistakes that delay the project. A professional is the best choice for quality techniques, tools, and advice. At Goat Turf, we’re experienced in various projects, from lawns and pet areas to playgrounds and sports facilities. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your project.