Learn How to Have Your Own Masters Quality Putting Green

The Masters Tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the world of golf. Every year, the best golfers in the world gather at Augusta National Golf Club to compete for the coveted green jacket. One of the things that sets Augusta National apart from other golf courses is the quality of its putting greens.

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of putting green surface quality and how it affects play at the Masters.

Putting Green Surface Quality

golf-putting-green-home-residential-artificial-turf-grassPutting green surface quality is one of the most important factors in golf course design. A high-quality putting green should have a smooth, uniform surface that allows the ball to roll true and at a consistent speed. The quality of the putting green surface can be affected by a number of factors, including the type of grass, the amount of moisture in the soil, and the way the grass is mowed and maintained.

At Augusta National, the putting greens are known for their fast, undulating surfaces. The grass used on the greens is a hybrid Bermuda grass that is specially cultivated to withstand the hot, humid conditions of Georgia in the spring. The greens are kept at a consistent height of around 0.125 inches, which allows the ball to roll smoothly across the surface.

The Role of the Greenkeeper

The quality of the putting green surface at the Masters is largely due to the skill and dedication of the greenkeeper. The greenkeeper is responsible for maintaining the greens and ensuring that they are in top condition for the tournament. This involves careful mowing, watering, and fertilizing of the grass, as well as the use of special tools and techniques to keep the surface smooth and consistent.

The greenkeeper at Augusta National is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. He and his team work tirelessly throughout the year to maintain the course, and they pay special attention to the putting greens in the weeks leading up to the Masters. Their efforts are crucial to the success of the tournament and the satisfaction of the players and spectators alike.

High Quality SYNLawn™ Artificial Putting Greens

While they won’t be able to get you onto the course at Augusta, Goat Turf helps golf enthusiasts achieve what many consider to be the next best thing. Goat Turf are experts at designing and installing professional grade artificial turf putting greens that closely match the performance characteristics of some of the highest quality putting green surfaces, like those found at Augusta National. As exclusive distributor of SYNLawn, Goat Turf offers customers the industry’s best rated artificial golf turf.

As it relates to artificial turf putting greens, the role of the greenkeeper is played by our expert installers, who rely upon years of training and experience to create greens that look and feel like the real thing. As putting green artisans, they take great care every step of the way to achieve performance characteristics that closely match some of the greatest greens in golf. From setting up the base, to adding undulation, to measuring slope, to rolling the fibers, to setting realistic cups and flags, Goat Turf is intently focused on creating truly “masterful” works of art for our clients.

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