Can I Use Artificial Turf for Play Areas?

When constructing a play area for kids, you want the surface to be safe, clean, and suitable for various activities. Artificial turf has these qualities and is durable, low-maintenance, and versatile to allow many design options depending on your needs and preferences. At Goat Turf, we design and install quality artificial grass in play areas to promote enjoyable play. Here are a few reasons to use synthetic turf for playgrounds:

1. Enhanced Safety

Many play activities involve running, jumping, rolling on the ground, etc. Kids are prone to accidental falls when conducting these activities, and if they fall on a hard surface, it will cause scrapes and bruises. Natural grass is a poor shock absorber. Artificial turf features an underlayment to provide a safe and comfortable surface. This surface absorbs shock better when kids fall on it, potentially minimizing the risk of injuries. At Goat Turf, we’ll guide you through choosing the right thickness and other safety features for your playground’s synthetic turf.

2. Better Cleanliness

Since natural grass is planted directly in the soil, it’s susceptible to mud when it rains, and this mud will soil children’s clothes. Natural grass’s green color will also leave stains on clothing, which can be challenging to remove. When installing artificial turf, we add geotextile to separate the aggregate or rock from the dirt. That helps prevent mudding that makes clothes dirty. Since artificial grass’s green color doesn’t come off, kids will also avoid staining their clothes.

3. Improved Drainage

You want a play surface that kids will use no matter the weather conditions. Natural grass surfaces can become soggy due to poor drainage, making them ineffective or even unusable. At Goat Turf, we understand play areas must have effective drainage systems to prevent them from becoming soggy. Artificial turf has small holes on its backing to allow water to flow through and avoid pooling on the surface. We also install infill beneath the synthetic turf, a material that promotes superior drainage.

4. Reduced Maintenance

A downside of natural grass is that it requires lots of maintenance to keep it growing and thriving. You must water and fertilize it regularly to provide the various nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Since it can grow to significant heights, mowing is necessary to maintain a suitable height that promotes effective play. Natural grass also needs reseeding to cover bare areas that can make the surface look unsightly. These maintenance tasks are costly and time-consuming. Artificial turf is a synthetic material, meaning it doesn’t require watering, fertilization, mowing, or reseeding. The only maintenance tasks needed for this turf type are blowing off debris from the surface and the occasional cleaning. You’ll have an effective surface where your kids can play without all the costs and time involved in caring for natural grass.

5. Increased Durability

Play areas mean lots of foot traffic and activity. Natural grass is breakable, and over time, it can break down and look worn out. To maintain its appearance, you must reseed the surface, which can be costly and labor-intensive. Artificial turf’s synthetic fibers are strong enough to withstand traffic without sustaining damage. This turf also withstands various weather conditions without experiencing wear and tear. While natural grass often struggles to survive during harsh conditions like cold winters and hot summers, synthetic turf remains at its best during these conditions. You will have a play area that looks green and well-maintained all year round.

6. Enhanced Look and Feel

Our products at Goat Turf have realistic fibers to mimic the look and feel of natural grass. This aspect encourages play because it provides a soft, comfortable surface where children and pets can run barefoot. While synthetic turf is strong to withstand traffic, it’s also soft and comfortable for children’s sensitive feet. It will not become unbearably hot during warm summer days, allowing for an enhanced play experience for children.

7. Increased Environment-friendliness

Artificial grass is an eco-friendly material because it doesn’t require watering, helping save this resource. It also eliminates fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that can find their way into water bodies and harm aquatic life. Synthetic turf is also recyclable, which means it can undergo processing at the end of its life to produce new artificial turf or other items. You will not only have an enjoyable surface for kids, but you will also be helping to take better care of the environment. 

Get Artificial Turf for a Children’s Play Area

Play areas need a durable, safe, comfortable, and low-maintenance surface, and artificial grass is ideal to provide these benefits. At Goat Turf, we will evaluate your surface, recommend a suitable turf option, prepare the surface, and install your product with proven techniques. Our artificial grass is high-quality and offers excellent durability. Contact us today to discuss your artificial turf needs.