7 Various Applications for Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is made using synthetic fibers and offers many benefits over natural grass, including better durability. It has a wide range of applications due to its versatility, from residential backyards to commercial interior spaces. Goat Turf offers high-grade artificial turf and uses proven installation methods for quality projects. Here are a few applications for synthetic turf: 

1. Playgrounds

Artificial turf is ideal for creating kids’ play areas because it offers a better landing surface than natural grass. While natural grass has a hard surface beneath it that may cause injuries from accidental falls, artificial grass has an underlayment or padding. These features help absorb shock, potentially reducing the risk of injuries. Synthetic turf is also not susceptible to mud and doesn’t leave green stains on clothes. Other benefits of synthetic grass for playgrounds include better drainage to allow for all-weather use, reduced maintenance, and increased strength to withstand foot traffic.

2. Pet Areas

A dedicated pet area has various benefits, including offering a clean and safe space for your animals to play or relax. Design the area with artificial grass to get a pet-friendly surface that your cat or dog will love. Its fibers are soft and do not irritate the animal’s skin, and they can sleep or play on it for long periods. It’s also non-toxic, meaning it minimizes the chances of pet allergies. Goat Turf offers synthetic turf designed specifically for pet applications. This turf has an odor-absorbing infill to reduce 80% of odors from pet waste ammonia. The turf also features a pet deodorizing infill to keep your animal cool. 

3. Lawns and Landscapes

Many people choose artificial turf for their lawns and landscapes due to its reduced maintenance compared to natural grass. Since it doesn’t grow, it doesn’t require watering, fertilizing, mowing, or edging. Low maintenance requirements allow you to save money and energy. Artificial grass is also quicker to install. Natural grass takes weeks or months to grow to produce the desired effect. Installing synthetic turf only takes a few days depending on the space size and design. Artificial grass also remains green all year long and mimics the appearance of natural grass, creating an aesthetically pleasing area.

4. Pool Areas

If your pool area is bare with concrete, pavers, or tiles, artificial turf can help enhance its look. It is soft on your feet and does not heat up like concrete or stone. It also provides a non-slip surface to minimize the risk of injuries, drains well, and isn’t prone to damage from chlorine and other pool chemicals. Artificial grass also prevents dirt and debris from entering the pool, keeping it cleaner for longer periods. Our turf installers at Goat Turf will help you design an attractive pool turf that suits your needs and preferences.

5. Relaxation Areas

Balconies, patios, and rooftop areas can be transformed into inviting spaces using artificial turf. Turf is lightweight, quick to install, and offers a soft surface to step on. Unlike wood decking, synthetic turf doesn’t require sealing or staining, which can be expensive and labor-intensive. It also doesn’t attract insects or rot, making it a safe and long-lasting solution for your property. Let us know which relaxation space you’d like to customize, and we’ll help you choose the right turf type and design.

6. Indoor Sports Facilities

Whether you’re building a gym, soccer field, or baseball playground, artificial turf is an ideal solution. Its fibers are evenly distributed, allowing the ball to roll smoothly for enhanced performance. Synthetic turf’s layer of padding also provides cushioning to protect players from the risk of injuries. Other benefits of artificial grass for indoor sports areas include enhanced strength to withstand foot traffic and equipment use. It’s also versatile to allow various designs and a beautiful appearance for your sporting facility. Whether you own a school, college, sports facility, or home and want to build an indoor or outdoor sports space, we have quality solutions.

7. Putting Greens

A professional golf course isn’t the only place you can practice your swing — use artificial turf to create a mini putting green in your backyard. Artificial turf for golfing provides a consistent ball roll to make your play more effective. Since golfing areas have different designs, synthetic turf is customizable to suit various aspects. You can create slopes, bunkers, and other golf-specific features found on professional courses. You also benefit from time and money savings due to reduced maintenance, increased property value, and better curb appeal. Our installers at Goat Turf will create a personalized putting green that suits your budget and space.

Choose Artificial Turf for Your Home or Business

Due to its versatility, artificial turf offers many applications for both residential and commercial properties. At Goat Turf, we have design and installation experts who can help evaluate your ideas and bring your vision to life. We have durable products and a reliable team that will help you make suitable choices for your indoor or outdoor space. Schedule a consultation to discuss your synthetic turf needs today.