4 Reasons To Have Your Artificial Turf Installed Professionally

People are making the switch every day to artificial grass, saving them time and money on yard maintenance. As more and more homeowners make the change, you may want to save money and try your hand at installing it yourself. Installing artificial turf is a detailed process though, and you don’t want to do it incorrectly. Here are some of the top reasons you should utilize our professional artificial turf installation as opposed to trying to do it yourself:

1. Turf Installation Is a 10-Step Process

In order to enjoy the best artificial grass you possibly can, Goat Turf takes consumers through a 10-step process. This precise process includes every last detail, from a design consultation, to aggregate and rock installation, to infilling. Each step gets you closer to the exact turf installation you desire.

Those choosing to install turf themselves may not be aware of the process before tackling the project. This could easily lead to improper installation and result in future problems with drainage, odor control, and aesthetics.

4-reasons-to-have-your-artificial-turf-installed-professionally-nashville-artificial-turf-artificial-grass-landscape2. Artificial Turf Installation Is Time-Consuming

While a professional installation only takes a few days to complete, a DIY grass project could extend up to several weeks. Outsourcing your artificial turf installation saves you immense time and effort that could instead be put towards your family, work, friends, and hobbies.

Your yard may not look its best during the installation process. Grass is ripped out, weed barriers are put down, rocks are strewn about, etc. In order to get to your dream turf as quick as possible, a professional team works quickly. This will guarantee the least amount of days you have to put up with an inoperable yard.

3. Turf Installation Can Be Financed

Turf can be a significant investment. If you plan to put in artificial grass yourself, you will have to pay for all materials and goods used upfront. At Goat Turf, we offer multiple financing options to assist you in the payment process.

Our personal loans have fixed rates and terms of up to 20 years. Applying for one does not impact your credit score. Utilizing professional artificial turf installation allows you freedom to pick the lawn of your choice without worrying about financing.

4. Turf Installation Needs To Be Done Right

Installation is best when done professionally in order to provide the highest quality, smoothest process and lasting results. The turf base has to be properly prepared or it will not drain and may even sink over time.

At Goat Turf, we specialize in artificial turf installations. As such, you can trust that our team knows exactly what they’re doing and will exceed your expectations. Leaving the installation to the professionals provides a unique sense of security and comfort that’s not always present during DIY installs.

Schedule Your Artificial Turf Installation With Goat Turf

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