Creative Applications for Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is used for lawns, landscapes, and playgrounds, but its applications include more than the typical uses. Due to its versatility and lack of continual growth, it allows for various creative uses to improve a space’s appearance. Goat Turf is a reputable synthetic turf dealer and installer, helping home and business owners bring quality turf into their spaces. Here are seven creative applications of artificial turf:

Rooftop Gardens

While many people do not elect to improve their rooftops, these spaces can become relaxation areas with the right customization. Artificial turf can help turn a concrete rooftop floor into a lush green area. Whether you want to install synthetic turf on a portion of your rooftop or the entire area, a professional designer and installer from Goat Turf will make it happen. You will then have an inviting space to host your friends and family for parties or relax on your own with your favorite drink. You will have an attractive garden that doesn’t require watering, fertilizing, or mowing.

Vertical Walls

Artificial turf isn’t just for the ground; its versatility also allows vertical applications. This creative application is ideal for individuals looking to add vibrant greenery to their interior spaces, whether it’s at home or the office. You can create an accent wall to give the space a unique and attractive focal point.

If you have a wall surrounding your property, artificial turf can add interest to its appearance. Instead of having a plain concrete or brick wall, you will have a beautiful green wall that makes your property stand out. At Goat Turf, we can help you choose the right wall for your vertical application and install it professionally.


Balconies provide a relaxation area where you can lounge and enjoy the weather. While rugs are soft to walk on, they are common and may not add the creativity you want. Introduce vibrant and attractive greenery to your balcony with artificial turf. If your balcony has a tile or concrete floor with no surface covering, turf can create a comfortable walking area on top. Synthetic turf can be cut precisely to suit your balcony’s size and design, whether you have a rectangle-shaped or circular balcony. An installer will make sure that the turf is secured properly and won’t blow away in harsh winds.

Swimming Pool Surrounds

While swimming pools allow individuals to cool off during hot weather, the surfaces around them are often only bare concrete or tiles. These flooring options easily become slippery when wet. Synthetic turf is a non-slip surface to prevent individuals from slipping and falling as they walk around the pool. Its green color also adds life to your pool space. Artificial grass doesn’t become muddy and has proper drainage to allow water to pass through it easily. You also do not have to mow the turf, so you won’t need to worry about grass clippings getting into the pool. If you have always wanted some greenery around your pool, synthetic turf is one way to achieve that goal without the maintenance requirements of natural grass.

Dedicated Yoga Spaces

A dedicated space for yoga practice can enhance the exercise experience. Personalizing your yoga practice area with artificial turf creates a comfortable environment to connect with nature and relax. Synthetic grass’s soft texture offers gentle cushioning to help you exercise on a comfortable surface. You will not need to place your mat on a hard surface to exercise and stretch, which could help make potential falls less painful. Synthetic turf is also non-allergenic and doesn’t attract bugs or insects, providing a distraction-free area for your yoga space.

Mini Golf Courses

If you are a golf enthusiast, creating a mini golf course on your property will allow you to practice at your convenience and prepare for your next game. It also allows you and your friends to have fun without having to drive to a golf course. Artificial turf for golf courses is more durable and requires less maintenance compared to natural grass. It also allows for precise customization to create unique holes. You can choose from various textures to mimic different terrains that would be on a real golf course.


Patios add an extra lounging area to your home and should be comfortable and inviting. While wood is a common flooring option for patios, artificial turf can be an interesting addition. The turf’s green color brings a feeling of nature to this space, making individuals feel like they’re relaxing in a natural grass landscape. Adding potted plants on the sides helps create a garden-like atmosphere. You will have a pleasant relaxation area without worrying about mud or weeds making their way onto your patio. The turf will only need to be swept occasionally to keep it clean.

Add Creativity With Artificial Turf

Artificial turf’s flexibility allows for many indoor and outdoor applications. Use your creativity to transform your space into a unique and welcoming environment that you, your friends, and your family will enjoy. At Goat Turf, we have quality synthetic turf products to suit your needs and preferences. Contact us today for a quote.