Can Artificial Turf Be Used for Urban Settings?

Artificial turf offers a durable and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. While many people think this turf is only for rural and semi-urban areas, its features make it ideal in urban settings, too. At Goat Turf, we design, install, and customize artificial grass to help home and business owners use this material for various applications. Here is more information about how to use synthetic turf in urban settings:

Features of Synthetic Turf

No Soil or Sunlight Requirements

Natural grass requires multiple favorable conditions to thrive, like quality soil and consistent sunlight. Artificial turf is an ideal option for urban areas since it doesn’t require nutrients for soil like nitrogen and phosphorus to grow. Whether you have concrete, tile, or stone ground, you can top your flooring with turf. Turf doesn’t need sunlight, meaning you can install it in interior spaces without it turning yellow or dying. 

Low-Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance for a natural grass lawn is time-consuming. It needs to be watered, mowed, and fertilized. In urban areas where resources like water are limited, you may lack the resources to keep your natural grass healthy. Artificial turf from Goat Turf does not have these maintenance requirements. Since it doesn’t grow, you do not need to water, mow, or fertilize the turf. The only maintenance tasks needed for artificial grass are clearing debris or occasional raking to remove leaves. You can use water to clean the turf since it has good drainage, but sweeping is effective as well.

Artificial Turf Applications in Urban Settings


Many balconies have tile or concrete flooring, which are easily affected by weather conditions and can be either too hot or too cold. Artificial turf adds greenery to your balcony and keeps a steady temperature. It creates an inviting space, making your balcony somewhere you want to spend time. It’s also soft to walk on and can have extreme temperature-resistant features that make it comfortable to walk on no matter the weather. Artificial turf with these features makes your well-designed balcony a pleasant space to relax.


Rooftop decks are common in both residential and commercial establishments. They provide a space where you can chat and relax in the open without leaving the building. A rooftop with artificial grass is ideal for playing games, hosting events, or lounging to relax and unwind. Goat Turf can help you transform your rooftop into a relaxing area with a comfortable surface to walk on. Synthetic turf is available in various shades of green and various lengths to reflect different kinds of grass. No matter your desired appearance, the versatility of artificial grass can achieve that look.

Interior and Exterior Kids’ Play Area

In busy and crowded urban settings, kids may lack safe spaces to play outside. If you have some open space inside your home to use as a kids’ play area, artificial turf can be installed as a safe and durable surface for children to play on. Some types of turf have a backing that absorbs shock, reducing the risk of injuries from accidental falls during play. Synthetic grass also doesn’t leave green stains on clothing like natural grass does and is non-toxic to kids and pets. At Goat Turf, we will help you create a suitable interior or exterior play area that allows active play.

Indoor Sports Facility

Whether you want to create a personal or commercial indoor sports facility, artificial turf is a good flooring option for a sports field. It has qualities that make it suitable for various sports, including soccer, tennis, putting greens, and baseball, or as a gym space. Synthetic grass is strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and heavy equipment use. It also has cushioning to minimize the risk of injury during practice or competitive play. Our turf installation experts at Goat Turf will cut and design your indoor sports facility to suit your needs and preferences. We can install turf that is a durable, attractive, and low-maintenance surface that supports your sporting activities.

Indoor Pet Area

If you have a dog or cat, they can benefit from a soft surface for lying down or playing inside your house. Rather than installing carpet or a rubber surface, choose artificial turf instead. It is soft on your pet’s skin and paws and non-toxic so they don’t get sick. Our pet turf at Goat Turf comes with an odor-absorbing infill to reduce smells from accidental pet urination. The pet deodorizing infill, another feature of our pet turf, helps keep your animal cool, especially during extremely hot weather.

Choose Artificial Turf for Your Urban Application

Synthetic turf’s features make it ideal for many surface applications, from residential areas to commercial settings. Goat Turf will discuss your ideas, recommend suitable turf, design it, and install it using quality methods. Our turf is strong, easy to clean, and suitable for multiple areas. Contact us today to discuss your turf needs.