How to Clean Your Artificial Grass

Artificial grass doesn’t need watering, trimming, mowing, or fertilizer. Cleaning turf prolongs its lifespan. Goat Turf offers artificial turf supply services for indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial use. Here are our tips for cleaning your artificial turf:

Use a Leaf Blower to Remove Debris

how-to-clean-your-artificial-grass-picture-perfect-artificial-turfWe recommend using a leaf blower to get rid of fallen leaves, branches, or debris. First, identify one corner of the yard and blow debris toward it. A leaf blower will clear your turf swiftly.

Collect the garbage for removal once it’s all grouped up. You can collect it using a brush and dustpan or by hand. Pass over the artificial grass once to clear larger debris completely. Doing this weekly will prevent the growth of weeds on the turf.

Brush the Grass

Use a plastic rake or a broom to brush the grass. This will keep your grass feeling fresh and springy. Never use a metal rake because it can damage the turf. You may need to brush against the grain to get a spruced-up appearance for spills or stains that have left marks.

Begin with one side of the garden as you move horizontally. Brush the lawn in strips as you would if you were mowing it. Following this routine each week will help increase your artificial grass’s lifespan.

Rinse the Turf Using a Garden Hose

A leaf blower will eliminate larger debris but may not clear spills and dust. Use a garden hose to rinse the turf gently. Too much water pressure can damage the turf. Start from one corner of the yard and move across in a circular motion. Power washing effectively removes any debris and dirt while fluffing the fibers.

Maintaining a pet and your beautiful lawn is easy with our artificial grass. Our turf systems will give your pets and kids a suitable place to play that doesn’t require regular upkeep.

Removing Stains and Spills

You may spill things like sticky foods or drinks when enjoying your garden. Use a paper towel to blot spilled liquids. Use a detergent-water mix and a soft cloth or sponge to clean spills. Get rid of any remaining stains using a toothbrush. You can clean it with vinegar and water on dried or tough stains.

Avoid using harsh chemicals to remove things as they could cause damage to the plastic. Do a patch test before using something stronger on a stubborn stain. You can do the test on one side of the corner of a turf or any place that’s not visible to see how the chemical reacts with the grass.

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