FAQ for Artificial Turf Supply

Artificial turf is a versatile material that can be installed in gardens, pet play areas, playgrounds, and more. At Goat Turf, our 20,000-square-foot warehouse contains an expansive artificial turf supply, including multiple types of synthetic turf to suit your project. Here are some frequently asked questions about artificial turf:

What Products Can I Purchase From an Artificial Turf Supplier?

Synthetic turf suppliers carry a variety of products, from wholesale artificial grasses to infill materials and padding. Goat Turf carries a comprehensive supply of products to help architects, designers, and homeowners complete their landscaping projects. Once you’ve chosen your preferred synthetic turf from our stocked warehouse, you can also purchase stakes, screws, tape, and nails for securing the turf.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf?

Installing artificial turf has many benefits, including decreased maintenance requirements and increased water conservation. Since the turf doesn’t actively grow, there is no need to mow, trim, or water the grass. This can save you time on outdoor maintenance chores while also conserving resources. The turf is resistant to pests and will maintain its green appearance without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Where Can I Install Artificial Turf?

The versatility of artificial turf allows it to be installed in residential, commercial, and public spaces. Homeowners can have turf installed in their gardens, lawns, pet spaces, balconies, and other areas. Commercial business owners can use turf for landscaping, roofs, small putting greens, and common areas. Goat Turf offers artificial turf supply for all kinds of residential and commercial spaces, from patios to sports fields.

What Type of Artificial Turf Is Right for My Project?

To choose the right artificial turf for your project, decide the qualities you want in your turf. It can be soft, tough, or in between. Different materials affect these qualities, including whether the blades are nylon or polyethylene. The shape of the strands also affects the overall softness.

Synthetic turf made from polyethylene with omega-shaped yarn works well for basic landscapes, playgrounds, and pet areas. Turf made from nylon with diamond-shaped yarn works well for precision putting greens. At Goat Turf, we provide multiple kinds of turf to meet your desired shape, color, softness, and function. Whether you prefer turf with optimal drainage or something resilient to UV rays, we have options for you. Tell us more about your project and we can help you decide which turf to install.

Is Artificial Turf Safe for My Family and Pets?

Turf for pets is non-toxic, has efficient drainage, controls odors, and is soft on paws and bare feet. Infills with deodorizing capabilities also help keep the synthetic grass cool. Natural grass may deal with the presence of fleas, ticks, and other pests. Pet turf helps prevent this pest problem. For a play area for children, choose turf that has a soft backing or fall pad to mitigate injuries from falling.

Goat Turf has turf solutions that offer safety, softness, and durability to families with children and pets. Our SYNAugustine X47 turf is resilient to high foot traffic, bouncing back even after years of use. Its soft omega-shaped, multi-colored blades make it both gentle to the touch and natural-looking.

What Maintenance Does Synthetic Turf Need?

Artificial turf is low maintenance but does require some upkeep to make it last as long as possible. You will never need to mow your turf, but you should brush it with a stiff-bristle broom to remove debris. Brushing the turf occasionally will also help it maintain its upright shape. Remove dry leaves, pick up any pet or animal droppings promptly, and rinse your turf lawn to remove dust and dirt. You may eventually need to deal with stains, even more so if you plan to park cars on the turf. If your chosen turf is not UV-resistant, you may also see off-color spots. Goat Turf installs high-quality, durable turf that has optimal drainage capabilities and is resistant to stains and UV rays. These characteristics help prevent potential issues like off-color spots, unsightly stains, and a flattened appearance.

Can I Complete the Turf Installation Myself?

The difficulty level of turf installation varies by location, area condition, and turf type. If the area you want to install the turf requires excavation or is a large property, it might be a job better left to professionals. Laying down turf on your small balcony often has fewer steps and is something you might be able to do on your own. When you work with Goat Turf for turf installation, we handle the process from beginning to end, keeping you up-to-date along the way. Call us to schedule a consultation.

Work With an Artificial Turf Supply Company

For homeowners and business owners contemplating turf installation, talking with an artificial turf supply company can help you understand the process and make choosing a turf type easier. With a multitude of options to choose from, getting a professional opinion prevents long-term mistakes. At Goat Turf, we have turf for every location and situation. Contact our team today to get your questions answered.