5 Uses for Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is durable, versatile, low-maintenance, and stays green no matter the season. That makes it an excellent choice for different applications, both in residential and commercial settings. At Goat Turf, we sell and install high-quality artificial grass, serving Tennessee, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle. Here are five popular uses of artificial grass:

1. Landscaping

Artificial turf offers a low-maintenance way to make your residential and commercial outdoor spaces look lush and inviting. You can use artificial grass to create a beautiful lawn, backyard, pool surround, patio, or deck. You can also use it to add decorative accents to flower beds or walkways. Because the turf doesn’t grow, you won’t have to worry about watering, mowing, or fertilizing. Artificial grass is also weather resistant, offering beautiful landscaping that stays green all year round.

2. Pet Areas

Pets can cause damage to traditional, natural grass yards. They can make natural grass muddy and unkempt by digging and running around. Pet urine can also cause brown patches to appear in natural grass. Synthetic turf can handle the wear and tear of pets and look great while providing a natural feel. Our artificial grass installations for pets have optimal water drainage, making them usable during wet weather. We use an odor-absorbing infill for pet spaces to reduce the unpleasant odor of ammonia from pet waste.

3. Playgrounds

Artificial grass is a popular choice for creating a safe play area for kids. Synthetic turf provides soft cushioning, improving kids’ safety while playing, jumping, and running. Artificial turf is also cleaner than natural grass surfaces, as you don’t have to worry about grass and mud stains. Synthetic grass is also durable, especially in high-traffic areas like around swings, the base of slides, and other playground equipment.

4. Indoor Sports Facilities

Artificial grass is popular for creating functional indoor sports surfaces. Its natural look also provides a more pleasant aesthetic than other synthetic materials like rubber. Artificial turf can be installed with different shock absorption systems to give athletes extra cushioning and safety. Synthetic grass offers consistent performance and can be used for various sports, including soccer, baseball, tennis, and lacrosse. Many gyms have adopted synthetic turf for their group class and workout areas.

5. Putting Greens

If you’re a golf enthusiast, artificial grass is a great way to create your own personal putting green in your backyard. It can be designed to mimic the look and feel of natural grass. With turf, you can customize your green’s features, such as adding sloping, sand traps, and other obstacles. Our artificial turf golf greens provide natural ball roll and realistic play. You can enjoy all the benefits of putting green without worrying about the maintenance of natural grass.

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Synthetic turf’s versatility and low maintenance requirements make it a great choice for many residential and commercial applications. At Goat Turf, we provide top-quality artificial grass with reliable installation services. Contact us today for a quote, and our team of professionals can evaluate your needs and recommend the most suitable products for your project.