Traits of High-Quality Artificial Turf

If you want to give the empty spaces in your home an aesthetic upgrade by installing artificial turf, be sure to invest in top-notch quality. At Goat Turf, we supply and install the highest quality synthetic turf in Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and throughout the Florida panhandle. Our artificial turf supply has many useful traits that will enable you to save time and money on yard maintenance while making your home safer for children and pets. Here are some of the top traits of high-quality artificial turf:

Can Withstand Heavy Foot Traffic

Artificial grass is designed for heavy foot traffic. Its blades are made of synthetic materials that resemble real grass but are far more durable. What’s more, they are connected to a mesh backing that prevents low-lying areas from becoming wet and muddy. Finally, the infill increases the product’s durability by lifting up the blades and providing a soft cushion for foot traffic.

Our SYNRye collection is made of 100% nylon blades that have been slightly modified to give a more random, tighter, natural appearance. This grass will give a long-lasting landscape that will be attractive for many years. This collection is ideal for high-traffic areas, including rooftops and playgrounds.

Our SYNTipede X43 also has incomparable durability with an unexpected soft touch making it an ideal choice for high foot traffic areas like school playgrounds, public parks, and other commercial areas.

Is Allergy-Free

traits-of-high-quality-artificial-turf-fake-grass-synlawnOrganic grass is one of the top causes for allergies. Because artificial grass does not create pollen like natural grass, replacing your lawn with synthetic turf can minimize allergy symptoms. In essence, your artificial lawn can serve as a allergy resistent barrier around your home. Best of all, a quick rinse with a hose can remove any pollen that might have blown in from neighboring yards.

Has High Density

Density refers to the number of stitches or grass blades for every square meter. Grass with a higher density count is of higher quality and will last longer. As this relates to golf applications, our¬†grass is dense enough to support golf tees for a natural, true-to-life feel. This can allow golfers to swing on a surface that won’t catch the clubhead. The long-lasting nylon construction outperforms PE and provides a quick ROI for golf amenities.

Has Odor Control

Our synthetic pet grass installations include an odor-controlling infill or top-dressing. By preventing ammonia from converting to gas, this infill eliminates most odors resulting from waste. Our infill has the additional benefit of keeping your grass cool to the touch and deters clogging the drainage system.

Has Quality Drainage System

Waterlogged grass can be an issue during months when there might be heavy rain. Our industry-leading drainage system helps ensure that your artificial turf will never become slippery or muddy. This means that with SYNLawn, you won’t have to worry about your pets tracking muddy paw prints into the house or your kids slipping on wet grass.

Your High-Quality Artificial Turf Supply

If you want top-quality artificial turf supply, contact Goat Turf. We supply and install artificial grass throughout Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle. Goat Turf is also the only STC Certified Turf Installer in Tennessee. Reach out to us today by giving us a call or visiting our website to schedule a personal consultation.