FAQ About Artificial Turf for Pets

Artificial turf is versatile and low-maintenance, making it suitable for various individuals and projects. Homeowners, property managers, and city planners can install this landscaping solution to create aesthetically pleasing pet areas around their homes or communities. At Goat Turf, our team works with designers and architects across many industries, helping them find pet-friendly turf products that meet their unique requirements. Here are several questions and answers about artificial turf for pets:

Is Artificial Turf Safe for Pets?

Many synthetic turf products are made to be durable and safe for pets to use. At Goat Turf, we carry two main types of artificial turf specifically designed for pets: SYNLawn Pet Platinum and Pet Premium. These products are built with maximum drainage capacity. This feature helps prevent water and other liquids from pooling on the turf’s surface, minimizing the risk of slipping or stepping into stagnant puddles. They are also Class A fire-resistant for enhanced safety.

Does Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf Help With Odors?

Some pet turf manufacturers incorporate odor-neutralizing additives into the grass-like fibers or infill materials. These additives help to break down and eliminate odor molecules, keeping the turf smelling fresh. Goat Turf’s products include a safe and environmentally friendly infill added with each pet installation. This infill reduces 80% of the ammonia-related odors found in pet waste.

Is There a Difference Between Standard Synthetic Turf and Turf for Pets?

While both standard and pet-specific turf products require occasional maintenance, the latter may offer features that make cleaning easier. Some pet turf products have antimicrobial properties that inhibit bacterial growth, reducing the need for frequent disinfection. This is true of Goat Turf’s pet-friendly landscaping products, which include antimicrobial technology to protect against algae and fungi growth.

Is Artificial Turf Durable Enough for Pets?

Turf designed for pets typically incorporates strong and resilient materials. This is done to help it withstand wear and tear from activities like running, playing, and occasional digging. Goat Turf carries synthetic turf made with durable Super Yarn construction. This technology boasts a high foot traffic allowance and has been third-party tested to demonstrate its grab-tear strength and yarn-breaking strength. 

The grab-tear strength indicates the force required to tear apart a sample of artificial turf fabric, while the yarn-breaking strength measures the force needed to break the individual yarns. Both SYNLawn Pet Platinum and Pet Premium have an average grab-tear strength of more than 200 pounds and an individual yarn-breaking strength greater than 20 pounds. These characteristics help enhance the turf’s ability to handle frequent pet use.

Where Can I Install Pet-Friendly Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf can be installed in various outdoor and indoor spaces to create safe and comfortable pet areas. Adding turf to a backyard helps provide a durable surface for pets to play, run, and relax. Public pet parks and dog-friendly recreational areas may feature pet-friendly artificial grass surfaces. These spaces allow pets to interact and play safely while minimizing the maintenance requirements for park managers. 

Pet owners living in apartments or urban areas can also install a pet-friendly synthetic turf on their patios, balconies, or rooftop decks to create a designated pet area. This provides a convenient outdoor space for pets to relieve themselves and enjoy fresh air. Other suitable locations for artificial turf installations include boarding facilities, animal shelters, and veterinary clinics.

Which Artificial Turf Is a Good Fit for My Pet Area?

Clients looking for clean, low-maintenance landscaping can benefit from installing artificial grass. Artificial grass doesn’t get muddy, reducing the likelihood of pets tracking dirt and mud into the home. It also requires minimal maintenance. There’s no need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing, saving time and effort on lawn care chores. At Goat Turf, we help our clients design and install custom synthetic turf solutions for their pets. Whether they have a small backyard or a sprawling outdoor area, our team is dedicated to creating a safe and convenient environment for pets to roam.

What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Pets?

Pet-friendly synthetic turf has several benefits, including its aesthetic appearance and pest-free characteristics. It remains green and functional throughout the year, providing an outdoor space for pets to enjoy regardless of the weather. It can help prevent the spread of disease by providing an environment free from ticks, fleas, and other pests. Since synthetic turf doesn’t need watering, it also helps conserve water. This is particularly beneficial in areas prone to drought or restricted water usage.

Install Pet-friendly Artificial Turf

Synthetic grass can be tailored to fit any pet area size or shape, allowing for creative designs and efficient space utilization. Our team can help with each step of the selection and installation process, from consultation and design to trimming and infilling. Contact our Goat Turf team today to learn more about our pet-friendly artificial turf products and installation services.