What Is Artificial Turf?

Enhance your pool area renovation with artificial turf and enjoy low maintenance upkeep, durability, comfort, safety, etc. At Goat Turf, we offer a warehouse full of products for installers and landscape companies or installation services for homeowners. Here is how landscapers, installers, and other businesses can benefit from offering artificial turf to their pool area renovation services:

For Landscapers, Installers, and Other Businesses


Artificial turf can be customized to fit various pool area designs and layouts. Landscapers, installers, and other renovation or pool businesses can offer a range of options, including different turf types, colors, and textures. Offering different types of turf allows them to create a personalized pool area that aligns with their preferences and style.

Competitive Edge

By offering synthetic grass for pool area projects, businesses can provide a unique experience. They can expand the services and pool renovation materials they offer. This may attract new clients and create opportunities for repeat business, as satisfied clients may recommend their services to others.

For Homeowners

Homeowners can benefit from using artificial turf because it is low maintenance, durable and safe, and cost-effective.

Low Maintenance

One of the most significant advantages of this turf is its minimal maintenance requirements. Homeowners don’t need to mow, water, or fertilize the lawn, saving time, money, and effort on upkeep. Turf can be an easy option for busy homeowners who want to enjoy their pool area without the hassle of ongoing maintenance.

Durability and Safety

Turf can be designed to endure heavy foot traffic. It can also handle the wear and tear associated with pool areas. Homeowners who choose synthetic grass won’t have to worry about regular wear and tear associated with natural grass. This type of turf is a durable and long-lasting investment.

Turf can provide a soft and cushioned surface that may reduce the risk of slips and falls, making it a safer option for pool areas. Elements that come with natural grass, like bugs and mud, and associated issues can be reduced when homeowners choose this turf.


The long-term savings from reduced maintenance and water usage can make it a cost-effective choice. Homeowners can enjoy the potential financial benefits of artificial turf in the context of their pool area project. They won’t need to invest in natural lawn care or seasonal maintenance.

Artificial Turf and Your Pool

This type of turf can help reduce water use, increase safety, reduce long-term costs, etc. For installers, this type of turf can give a business a competitive edge and increase visibility. Installers, landscapers, and other businesses who renovate pool areas can sell the benefits of turf to their clients.

At Goat Turf, we offer a large warehouse of different turfs for your business operation and installation. You can choose from basic synthetic grass and grass designed for heavy foot traffic. With green grass all year round, your pool area will maintain its chic appearance. Choose full-coverage turf or partial turf with unique design elements. Contact us today to browse the variety of turf we offer or get a quote.