How We Can Help Design and Install Artificial Turf for Your Indoor Sports Facility

Artificial turf is an excellent choice for indoor sports and recreation facilities because it’s highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. The artificial grass is also low maintenance, so you and your business can save time and money on upkeep. Goat Turf, a leading artificial grass supplier and installer, can help you get the most out of your turf with the following artificial turf installation and design services:

Assess Your Space

artificial-turf-installation-goat-turf-nashville-tnOur team will schedule an in-person or over-the-phone consultation to take the time to understand your facility’s needs before recommending artificial turf installation solutions. Whether you’re creating an indoor batting cage or golf simulator, we’ll assess your current space to determine the most appropriate synthetic turf type and layout. We can also measure your space to estimate the number of turf rolls needed and provide you with a quote.

Goat Turf carries two main SYNLawn turf options for sports facilities: SYNPlay 60 and SYNPlay 48. The SYNPlay 60 design is ideal for indoor sports facilities as it has an energy-absorbing cushion on its backing. This cushion can help reduce the risk of training injuries to keep players safe. SYNPlay 48 is perfect for activity and agility zones as it’s made with low-friction and low-pile grass. You can also choose to include the energy-absorbing backing to help reduce joint stress.

Prepare the Installation Area

Preparation is key to properly fitting turf rolls in your indoor facility. Our team will prepare the space by removing dirt, debris, and any other obstruction hindering proper installation. We’ll then install our 50-year warrantied plastic lumber to secure your space’s perimeter in preparation for turf installation.

Lay the Turf

Our team will cut your turf into sections using our Accu-Cut cutting machine, send them to your facility, and lay the sections throughout your entire space. We’ll send multiple people to your facility to get the job done in the shortest possible time.

Our team will then use double-sided seam tape and artificial grass glue to hold the sections together and bond the turf to the underlying surface. This creates a seamless appearance and prevents the grass from shifting or moving.

We’ll then use crown staples and screws to secure the turf to the sports area’s perimeter. This can minimize the risk of tripping hazards and keep the turf in place.

Trim the Turf and Add Infill

Goat Turf offers artificial turf with varying pile heights to fit your needs. A pile height of 3⁄4 inches is often suitable for a multi-sport indoor facility. Once we’ve trimmed the turf to fit the pre-measured space, we’ll add our proprietary, coated sand infill to help keep the turf fibers upright. We’ll spread the infill evenly on your turf to cover every area. Infill keeps the backing weighted to prevent your new turf from lifting or wrinkling over time.

After installation, we’ll verify the turf is fully secure and free from tripping hazards. We’ll then brush the turf and remove any waste materials from your facility. We pride ourselves on leaving clients with clean and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Goat Turf: Your Leading Artificial Turf Installation Expert

Goat Turf is the top SYNLawn turf supplier in Tennessee. We’re committed to delivering high-quality products and offering efficient artificial turf installation services. Our team is certified by the Synthetic Turf Council, which shows our commitment to meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. Contact us for professional artificial turf design and installation for your indoor sports facility.