Benefits of Wholesale Artificial Turf Supply

Artificial turf is a surface cover solution that can be applied in a variety of indoor or outdoor settings. Work with a wholesale company for your artificial turf projects to combine selection with convenience. Contractors and homeowners can benefit from the products and services of wholesale suppliers such as Goat Turf. Goat Turf has a 20,000-square-foot warehouse with artificial turf supply products to help implement your designs and respond to your clients’ needs.

Artificial Turf Supply for Any Project

Goat Turf is an installer and supplier that offers many turf-related products in one location. We distribute to landscapers, hardscapers, pool builders, architects, and other turf installers. Our artificial turf supply company is able to provide and deliver products on your schedule and to your project location.

We carry the high-quality turf brand SYNLawn, which is a low-maintenance product that can be used in residential or commercial settings. SYNLawn is an environmentally friendly product with locking fibers that create a long-lasting green surface. It incorporates recycled materials and is manufactured in the U.S.

Supplier Experience and Customer Support

Choosing a wholesale artificial turf supplier like Goat Turf provides you with access to a large number of products. You can order your specific products or choose to work with a team member to assist with aspects of the project process. It’s common for a project to have a multi-use application, like creating a single space that works well for playground, pool, and BBQ areas. This takes a skilled designer who understands how to make the space functional. Goat Turf is able to assist with these design needs and find products that work in multi-function settings. We also assist with repairs and aftercare services to maximize the turf’s lifespan.

Because our wholesale company stays in contact with vendors and industry professionals, we are able to provide our customers with valuable information, product details, and application practices. For contractors and business owners, partnering with a wholesale company like Goat Turf allows you to keep products readily available without having to house everything yourself. Benefits of working with a wholesale supplier include quality control, options, expertise, and support. Goat Turf also offers hassle-free warranties to back our products and services.

Artificial Turf for All Areas

High-traffic areas often benefit from replacing traditional grass with artificial turf. Traditional grass is more susceptible to bald patches or matted areas from exposure to heavy foot traffic. These trouble spots often need fertilizer and heavy watering to recover. If natural grass doesn’t recover, property owners will need to pay for frequent replacements.

Synthetic lawns are able to withstand consistent, heavy use. If the turf’s wear eventually becomes visible, you will be able to purchase replacement material from a wholesale supplier. Replaced sections of artificial turf require about two days of no use, whereas traditional grass may need weeks to rebound.

Applications for Artificial Turf

SYNLawn turf is soft to the touch and stain-resistant. When paired with Envirofill, it helps control odors from spills or pet waste. You can cut the turf to customize the layout of the surface area to fit around structures and pathways. Because of its versatility and durability, artificial turf is commonly used in:

  • Dog boarding facilities and dog parks
  • Community parks and fields
  • Concert and event venues
  • Residential settings
  • Apartment complexes and multi-family units
  • Schools and daycare facilities
  • Golf courses and simulators
  • Pool areas and splash pads
  • Sports training facilities and gyms
  • Rooftops, patios, and balconies

Our team at Goat Turf will help you design a functional layout and install the project. While creating a project plan, we examine intended usage expectations, water drainage demands, types of exposure, and the client’s maintenance goals. You can choose from several turf color options to create a design that is specific to your indoor or outdoor project. For many sports facilities, varying colors are helpful for identifying specific training areas. Color customization may also increase the visual appeal of projects such as playgrounds or daycare facilities.

Once it’s time to install the project, we cut the turf in our warehouse to the dimensions of the design. We then gather sub-base materials and deliver them in as few loads as possible to maximize time savings and convenience. This system confirms that all project materials and tools are prepared to help the installation go smoothly.

Work With a Wholesale Turf Supplier

Goat Turf’s artificial grass creates indoor and outdoor surfaces that are low-maintenance and will last a long time, no matter the usage levels. We are the exclusive distributor of SYNLawn turf for Tennessee, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle. Whether you own a landscaping business or want to renovate your home’s outdoor spaces, our team will help you find the right materials and install them. Contact us today to learn about our wholesale turf products and how we can help you start your next project.