Benefits of Artificial Turf in Philadelphia

Artificial turf is an excellent landscaping material that provides long-lasting beauty and requires minimal maintenance effort. We offer high-quality artificial grass for sale at Goat Turf, serving Philadelphia and other areas. Whether you want it for your home or commercial property, our turf can create a lush and attractive space. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a quote.

benefits-of-artificial-turf-philadelphia-goat-turf-artificial-grass-synthetic-grassBenefits of Artificial Turf in Philadelphia

1. Drought Resistant

Pennsylvania experiences droughts from time to time, and Philadelphia is one of the affected areas. In August 2022, there was a drought watch that lasted almost two months. It urged home and business owners to limit the amount of water used for landscaping and other purposes. Droughts and limited water use can be difficult if you have natural grass because it requires regular watering to keep it healthy. Artificial grass doesn’t need watering. It can survive drought conditions with ease.

2. Weatherproof

The weather in Philadelphia is unpredictable. We have summers with high temperatures and winters with heavy snowfall. If you have natural grass, it may not survive such harsh weather conditions. Artificial turf is not affected by environmental changes. Whether it’s extremely hot or cold, the artificial grass remains intact and does not deteriorate. When you choose an option like our UV-resistant turf, you can avoid fading even when exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Versatile & Durable

If you live in the heart of Philadelphia, installing natural grass may not be practical. Your property may be concrete or asphalt, but you can install artificial turf over any surface and still get the same lush look as real grass. The artificial grass we sell at Goat Turf is strong enough to withstand foot traffic, meaning no frequent sod replacements or reseeding due to natural wear and tear. You can use turf for your lawn, kids’ play area, rooftop, balcony, pool, gym, commercial office area, patio or deck, and many other areas. Your turf even doesn’t have to be green. We carry different colors to suit your preferences and match your environment.

4. Clean & Safe

Natural grass can leave green stains on your kids and pets when they play outside. Artificial turf in Philadelphia doesn’t get muddy or leave stains and completely eliminates this problem. Natural grass also needs pesticides because it attracts weeds and insects. Synthetic turf doesn’t require the use of chemicals to keep pests away, making it a safer option for your family.

5. Looks Beautiful All Year

Winter months in Philadelphia can be cold and gloomy. Natural grass turns brown and loses the lively look it had during the summer. Artificial turf always looks lush and green. Your property will look amazing all year round, no matter the season, without watering or fertilizing. At Goat Turf, we have various options to give your home or business the attractive look you desire.

Choose Goat Turf for Artificial Grass in Philadelphia

If you’ve been thinking about switching to artificial grass, let us help you. Goat Turf provides high-quality turf to our customers in Philadelphia, PA, and many other areas. Our team is knowledgeable, friendly, and here to help you find the perfect turf for your needs. Call us at (615) 906-6932 for more information or to request a quote.