6 Artificial Turf Supplies

 Artificial grass can be preserved for years with proper installation and maintenance materials. Goat Turf is an artificial turf supply company specializing in distributing to landscapers, hardscapers, architects, designers, and other artificial grass companies. We serve customers from our 20,000-square-foot warehouse. Here are some of the types of supplies we offer: 

Basing and Drainage Systems

Turf projects begin with excavation, when the sub-base is prepared for stability and drainage. After extra sod is cleared, the land’s grade is finalized and prepared to hold the subsequent layers. We provide plastic lumber and related hardware to line the perimeter of an excavation, securing the foundation. Our lumber comes with a 50-year warranty. 

Artificial turf installations are composed of several layers, and choosing appropriate subbase materials for your project may extend the lawn’s longevity. Goat Turf carries UltraBaseSystem products that offer structural support and functionality. Their panels are suitable for a wide range of lawns, including athletic fields, landscaping areas, and putting greens. They feature vertical and horizontal drainage and patented turf barbs that keep your greenery in place. 

Efficient drainage facilitates maintenance and helps wet turfs dry quickly during damp weather.  Goat Turf features AirCell geocell drainage grids. They elevate your turf over a one-inch gap through which air and water can flow, enabling faster flushing and drying. The system’s accessibility is useful for cleaning pet spaces. Convenient rinsing eliminates waste, minimizes bacteria and smells, and keeps your lawn sanitary. AirCells are made from temperature-resistant, 100-percent recycled copolymers. 


Geotextiles are synthetic fabrics that control weeds and bugs that would otherwise grow through your turf. They block undesirable growth while remaining permeable to water to facilitate efficient drainage. Geotextiles are usually installed directly against the soil. We furnish fabrics and materials for their installation, including fixing nails and glue. 

Vibratory Plates

Artificial turf usually rests over a base layer of gravel, and a successful installation relies on creating an even surface. Uniformity keeps sediment from shifting, minimizes wrinkles and ridges in the lawn, and prevents potholes. Loose gravel is leveled using a vibratory plate compactor, which compresses aggregate materials using a large metal sheet. We supply compactors and equipment from the well-established brand Weber MT to facilitate turf foundation preparation.


Infill is a grainy material that sits between the fibers of artificial turf to mimic the qualities of soil under natural grass. It helps the blades stand upright and flex back into position after being flattened, and springy infill acts as a shock absorber. The added softness makes turf more comfortable to walk on and safer for athletes, children, and pets. 

Infill provides several maintenance functions. It protects your turf’s backing from sunlight damage by blocking UV rays and prevents wrinkles from forming. It’s also an integral part of the drainage system. Quick-drying turf can last longer and eliminate mildew and waste odors. 

The Goat Turf warehouse features Envirofill, one of the most durable infills available. It can last through several turf cycles and carries a 16-year manufacturer warranty, which is among the most extensive in the industry. It uses a non-toxic, heavy-metal-free antimicrobial coating to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Sanitary infill minimizes stains, pet and drainage smells, and turf deterioration. We also offer T°Cool infill for recreation areas, which can reduce temperatures on the turf’s surface by up to 50° Fahrenheit. It incorporates BacShield antimicrobial coating, which is hypoallergenic, renewable, and biodegradable. 

Securing and Seaming Material

Once based, turf must be secured to remain in place during regular use. We provide materials for anchoring your greenery to its substrate. Six-inch spiral nails are appropriate for many types of lawns. Their simple installation makes them customizable for low- and high-traffic areas. Narrow crown staples are heavy-duty and feature a narrow, flat head, making them a low-profile fastening option. Visible seams are minimized by securing the panels in exact positions. We supply seaming tape, a specialty material that combines with glue to set panel edges. Once cured, the tape can last for several years.

Golf Equipment

For clients creating golf features and putting greens, we offer equipment to complete your course, including cups and flags. We also carry the GreenMaker Putting Green System to create indoor golf spaces. It features a synthetic bent-grass turf that recreates natural greens over a proprietary Berrasof Core foam paneling base. Accessories include regulation-size cups, fiberglass flags, aluminum bases, and nylon flags. Four sizes are available to fit into a variety of home and office spaces. 

Collaborate With Artificial Turf Supply Experts

Our staff members meet with potential clients to discuss goals, prepare cost estimates, and design solutions for your artificial turf supply needs. Grass panels are custom-cut using the region’s only Accu-Cut machine. Once finalized, your chosen products are collected from our warehouse and loaded by our team for delivery to your job site. Goat Turf offers one-stop support for your landscaping renovation. Contact us today to speak with our team.